Everett Bike Walk
2018 Tour de EFD.JPG

Everett's 2nd Annual Tour de E.F.D.

The Tour de E.F.D. is a fun bicycle tour of the City of Everett, visiting each of the city's fire stations.  It serves as an opportunity for members of the community to get to know one another, and to show people around, particularly those who might not be familiar with Everett’s bike routes.  It utilizes Everett’s bicycle infrastructure to the greatest extent possible, including the Interurban Trail and several bike lanes.

The tour is geared toward regular people, not necessarily bicycle people. (Those who think of themselves as bike people are welcome too, of course.)  It's for all ages and abilities, and it is a free event.

While you're here, please fill out our contact page!

Route Maps - Google Map - Ride With GPS 

Parking Map (Please ride to the start if you can!)

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